Funny ladies are well read

Two of my future best friends have inspired me to start the blog again!

First, the hilarious and adorable Mindy Kaling tells Entertainment Weekly about a book she pretends she’s read but never has, and what book she’d kill a bug with. Having spent a childhood phase carrying a Harriet the Spy-inspired notebook on me, this was my favourite part:

What was your favorite book as a child?
As a child, my favorite book was probably Harriet the Spy. You’ve seen pictures of me [as a child in the book]. I wasn’t child actor material at all — I wasn’t a conventionally cute child. I think if there’s one thing that I regret never having gotten a chance to do as a kid — and there’s literally only one — it would have been to audition for Harriet the Spy. That was such a great book because it was not about how cute she was. In fact, she wasn’t especially adorable or anything. She was such just an adventurous city kid and she had weird confidence even though she wasn’t that popular. She was a nosy little chubby kid who was special, and it was always one of my favorite books growing up.

Mindy’s book is released November 1 and my birthday is November 16. Just saying.
(via @outisthrough)

Meanwhile, Maria Bamford posted a fun video about a bunch of books she bought for $90.

That’s a good haul! Can someone please recommend a good used book store in Montreal?
(via The Hairpin)

So, the blog is officially back! I will be posting more regularly, if still sporadically.  All three of my readers will be pleased.

If you or someone you know would like to talk about books on the internet, please get in touch!

1 Response to “Funny ladies are well read”

  1. 1 chris October 19, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    yay! I am one of your three readers – and yes, I am glad you’re blogging again.

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